Horse Riding Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Zanzibar

Horse Riding Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Zanzibar are exciting and remarkable to do while on holiday vacation as a solo traveler, couple traveler on honeymoon and Group Traveler with friends and family.  These safaris give you a chance to explore the unbeaten path in these countries exploring the vast Savannah regions as you transfer from one place to another as you watch wildlife roam. The safaris include unique adventures as you explore the various gems watching wildlife at the back of a horse hence having unforgettable memories.

Horse Back Riding Safaris in Uganda

Horse Riding Safaris in Uganda Rwanda Kenya and ZanzibarKnown as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda has many remarkable land forms that make it stand out as they are explored on safari and these include lush green forest vegetation habitats with many varying wildlife animals. Horse Riding Safaris in Uganda are done at the stunning Lake Mburo National Park where you ride on the backs of horses transferring from one place to another watching wildlife animals wander in their habitat. The wildlife animals you watch include; Zebras, Giraffes, eland, small antelope, buffalo, warthogs, hyenas, etc.

Horse Back Riding Safari in Uganda at Lake Mburo National Park costs US $40/ US 60 per person for a 30 to 60-minutes around the park. You can also pay US $240 per person for a half-day adventure to the different hilltop viewpoints. There are also horse back riding safaris in Jinja a busy town located a few kilometers off Kampala.

Horse Riding Tours in Rwanda

Horse Riding Safaris in Rwanda are exciting to do as you explore the vegetation terrain getting to adventure the vast wilderness and beauty. You ride on horse backs viewing the scenic terrain around Lake Kivu, Volcanoes National Park. On your ride you shall view the different bird species, Virunga Mountains.

Horse Riding Safaris in Kenya

Kenya referred to as the land of the BIG Five and the Masai Mara Great Wildebeest Migration offers horse back riding safaris as you as you ride  through the Masai Mara witnessing thousands of wildebeests and zebras wandering around their vegetation habitat. The horse riding safaris in Laikipia give you an opportunity to explore private conservancies, encountering diverse wildlife.

Watch the largest herds of wildebeest and zebra in Africa from the lodges and mobile tented-camps. These give you a chance to feel Africa’s wilderness as all the money you incur is worth it.

The horse riding safaris in Kenya are available to any skilled horse rider (minimum age 14+, maximum age weight 95kgs) staying in any camp in the Mara Conservancies and Maasai Mara National Reserve. The horse riding safaris are scheduled Morning and Afternoon sessions at US $250 per ride.

Horse Riding Safaris in Zanzibar

Zanzibar known for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant culture offers unique Adventures and nature expeditions to all travelers from all over the world interested in un forgettable safaris on vacation. Horseback riding and swimming, create a harmonious connection between man and horse as you explore the surroundings of beautiful Zanzibar. You hear the rhythmic sound of hooves on soft sandy beaches, the gentle sea breeze caressing your face, and the mesmerizing sight of horses gracefully maneuvering through the shallow waters.

Safaris to do while while riding at the Back of Horses


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